The story of an old man

There are days when you wish to trough away your phone and recently these days are getting more often in my calendar.  It is been so much happening and it have so much more to happen. My believe in my own luck have brought me to an amazing little place in mountains of Bulgaria. I had the time and the answers that I was looking for last few months. Talking with old people is boring , but if you hear the things that they are saying behind the words they are speaking, you may find answers that you don’t even know how to ask. I know I probably sound cliché right now talking about this, but give it a try and share with me a story, a change, a person who made you rich mentally.

You all have grandmothers and grandfathers and maybe if we understood them more a world might look better, but I also believe that there are mistakes that each of us must do before he/she get to the dream life as one imagine it! Even that I know  – “Only a fool learns from his own mistakes. The wise man learns from the mistakes of others.”― Otto von Bismarck  I also know that if some of my mistakes wasn’t my, some of my lessons would’t be so bright in my mind, helping me to improve.



Are you feeling blessed?

I woke up this morning and I went out to the super market, on a way there I saw a man, old man with sad eyes, looking like he is going to cry every moment. He was walking on autopilot and his clothes were dirty, I know that each of us have seeing someone like him, someone that you felt sorry for. But this time I really tought ” I am blessed with so many things and I should be grateful for it” !

And it is true, maybe sometimes we need bad things to happen or to see bad things happen to other so we can realize how much lucky we are. Lucky to have the fingers to write this, lucky to have the money to pay for this internet connection, lucky to see what posts you have make with my own eyes, lucky to hear the keyboard tapping and many many more things to feel lucky and blessed with! Today is a good day to think about those things, not because it is a special day, but because we have woke up this morning alive!


Go with the Flow


Every day we wake up, we brush our teeth, we dress up and we go to work. There are different things happen each day, but most of the time we go with the flow. After my 25th birthday I started to notice that time is passing by so fast that I couldn’t imagine before. This inspired me to create some rules which I follow from then on, so I can turn around one day and not feeling like I have missed something. I am still in process of following them strict, but I feel better even if I succeeded in completing one of them in a week time.

Here are some of my “go with YOUR flow rules” – do something  new each day, make something you usually do in a different way, go on place you haven’t been, choose to do stuff you feel scared of, start new project, business or blog, stay in quite for 10 min a day, try new sport, grow exotic plant, do charity for animals or people, read a old classic book once more… All of those are keeping my spirit on level “explore”  and you may try to find yours, there are so many things to do, but sometimes we have to stop and take care for our emotional health so we can live another 25 years and another 25 years and so on…

To do list…

Should I or could I? What is the right question? Should I stop and take a step forward to my goals?… This is something I call hard time. It seems strange but my mind is busy with questions like this. Is it so bad nowdays to have a life goal as a “happy family”? Aren’t we making our lives empty and pointless in spiritual way in a way of feeling if we have pointed a career as a number one in our to do in life list? Shouldn’t we worry about living without love? This is what is bothering me, of course I have goals for my working field, but I know it is just a step to my dream life which if a person ask me how does my dream life looks like I imagine myself smiling with the man I love and he showing his love to me and our kids around us laughing and playing. Is it that bad that I don’t see an island or a luxury cars? We are living in a consumer society but from time to time it is good to stop and think about what really matters! Work should be a great place, where you are  prooving your business skills and you communicate and exchange ideas, where you grow and gather confidence for achiving the goals that matter the most.

Life passes like a blink…



Most of the things we are doing are on autopilot, but the great things we do are because of motivation. I want to share with you that my inspiration and motivation (as many others too) is not a constant !There is nothing bad in needing a motivation daily and this is what I want to speak about here. Losing inspiration is something normal and by the time we feel sorry for losing it, we can just do something new to motivate ourselves. Motivation is not something that come ones and stay forever and changes everything around, it is an every day effort (in good way). Things like taking a bath or washing your teeth are every day effort too, and we know that when we are doing them every day results will appear. I think it is good to do the small inspiring and motivational things every day.

I am still trying to keep myself motivated, but as a human I also fail pretty often. The thing that is important is to keep doing it, keep walking, keep moving. A quote that fit great here is this one: “Loss does not exist until one admits to be defeated!”

Here are links to couple of  YouTube channels that are helping me pretty often.



Park Vrana

The beautiful picture you see is a place near Sofia, that used to be a castle by the time that Bulgaria had a king. Every time I visit this place I am amazed by its beauty. There are gardens and many types of trees, a lake, a beutiful big meadow and many more pretty details. Autumn and spring are best seasons to visit this place (for me) ,but you can always enjoy it when you decide to go there !

Park Varna includes a park of 950 decares, a farm of 1,000 decares and two buildings connected with a warm connection, forming the palace complex. The first was built in 1904 as a two-storey hunting lodge designed by the Austrian architect Wulf. The second building, the new palace, was built between 1909 and 1912. The purchase of the land for the park and the farm, as well as the construction of the two buildings, was financed by Tsar Ferdinand’s personal funds, along its annual Civile List Is the monarch’s salary as head of state, and by making a personal loan amounting to 3 million gold francs by the Russian Emperor Nicolas II in 1911-12. If you want to know more-at the link is the official website of Park Vrana.

New photoshop APPs I got mad about! 

I believe that in our century most us use photo-shop for their photos. It is amazing that with little light touch you can look so much different! I love using photo-shop and I often try new apps so I can get a new effect for my pictures. These days I found some interesting new apps, that I would like to share with you, so you could try them too. Here is my top 5 best photo-shop apps last days, and I am also giving you their names with the link to their google play download page.

              1.Prisma – see how it works here.

2. Pics Art – see how it works here.

3.BeFunky – see how it works here.

4.Cartoon Photo Free – see how it works here.

5. Photo Lab Picture – see how it works here.


My Top 10 places to see before … it’s too late

I bet you read many articles about TOP’s to see or do before we die or …. else. I think it is important that when you read such an articles it means you still want to explore ! Yeah! If this feeling is alive, it doesn’t matter how many top hotels around the world we will visit. To have the adventure spirit awake is more importnat!

Here are top 10 places to visit in Europe by Eva Roskin ! I won’t write much information for each one (because I don’t want you to get bored), whatever you like and feel interested in, you can check it with the following link in wikipedia!

2. Rayskoto Praskalo – Bulgaria

3. Vlasinsko Lake – Serbia

4. Monastery complex “Meteora” -Greece

5. The seven lakes  in Rila Mountain – Bulgaria

6. Cathedral of St. Vasili the Blessed -Russia

7. Komo Lake – Italy

8. Rocamadur – France

9. Castle of Cotton ( Pamukkale) – Turkey

10. Park Guell -Spain


Keep Calm and Love Nature !

There is one thing that all of us cаn speаk аnd understаnd- and this is nature! No mаtter how nature calls us, if its when we feel awful and we need to recharge, or when we feel good and we want to have fun ouside – so basically in good and bad – we need nature!

The Latin word for nature, nature means “inherent qualities, innate predisposition” and its original meaning is “birth”. In its turn it is a translation of the Greek word nature, which initially means the inherent properties of plants, animals and other objects. I would be happy if you share with me in the comments “which place in nature have changed the way you see the world…have changed you?”

I am glad I live in a country that allows me to go to a mountain or a sea side or just to some interesting old city. This is Bulgaria, so if you doubt, or you are looking for place to visit in Europe – try Bulgaria, I will be glad to share with you all the places that deserve to be seen!


Cat person? Dog person?

Hey there 🙂 , meet Nicksy The Cat at her blogg here.

She is the best kitten in the world (as every person say this for it’s own pet). Before I started living with her I was complete dog person, I always had a dog in my home I love them and I like their charcter. Cats from other side were strаnge for me, I didn’t understand their emotions… and just living my dog-person life, I met Nicksy. It was strange at the biginning I though she doesn’t like me becaouse I was used to get kisses, dog wagging its tail, wet eyes watching me when I eat (every time) and I needed a couple of mounths to understand how cаts are showing their love. I still love dogs, but now I am a Dog and a Cat person!

Actually no matter what kind of a pet you have at home, it is important to love it and to treаt it like а part of the family, becaouse this is what they are. I even found information how great for your health is to have a pet! Click here and see the 5 benefits of having a pet!