The Art that changed me!

Hey everyone! As you know I am a big fan of art and everything that is connected to it. I wanted to share with you something amazing that I found these days – JG GlassArt !

In art of sculpture, there is a trend, and it includes works made entirely of glass.  Wow, right! A Bulgarian artist Jeny Guneva became popular all over the world with her contemporary glass design and her extraordinary look at fusion technology! She is a creator of JG GlassArt and her fans expand beyond the ocean with the star of American Idol…., in Bulgaria fans of her work are writers like Lea Khoen and painters like Nikola Stajkowski.

Made with the finest touch of her experienced hand, these exquisite artworks can make any home atmosphere come to life. I guess in working with glass you need to know a lot of techniques, but there is something in connection with every artist – the passion for creating perfection and showing another point of view to the world.

Why I fall involve in the masterpieces of Jeny Guneva? Because they bring joy to my life, creates harmony in my own space, and remind me that art is eternal. Her sculptures combines shape, color, movement, light and they are truly unique to me.

There is something magical in creating something with your own hands, Jeny Guneva is giving a short interview of how she started this as a hobby in Bulgarian National Radio, her story is inspiring and it shows that is never too late to change your life!

sculpture_feeling_fused_glass_45cm_ 20cm_h=45 cm


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