The Art that changed me!

Hey everyone! I want to share with you something amazing that I found these days – JG GlassArt ! Glass art is actually a combine word for all of the individual works of glass in sculpture, jewelry and other pieces of art, which are wholly made of glass!

sculpture_feeling_fused_glass_45cm_ 20cm_h=45 cm

JG GlassArt ’s present handiworks made with the finest touch of an experienced professional woman – Jeny Guneva. To work with glass includes techniques like : blowing, kiln-casting, fusing, slumping and cold-working, but there is one specific technique which each experts should get to know and this is passion for perfect glass forms and this is what actually is making Jeny ‘s work so amazing – see it yourself ! I love her masterpieces and I am glad I met her in person. She is a great example for a woman who is not afraid to follow her heart and try everything that brings joy in her life and in the life of others!

Take a closer look to some of her incredible glass vessels!

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