Are you feeling blessed?

I woke up this morning and I went out to the super market, on a way there I saw a man, old man with sad eyes, looking like he is going to cry every moment. He was walking on autopilot and his clothes were dirty, I know that each of us have seeing someone like him, someone that you felt sorry for. But this time I really tought ” I am blessed with so many things and I should be grateful for it” !

And it is true, maybe sometimes we need bad things to happen or to see bad things happen to other so we can realize how much lucky we are. Lucky to have the fingers to write this, lucky to have the money to pay for this internet connection, lucky to see what posts you have make with my own eyes, lucky to hear the keyboard tapping and many many more things to feel lucky and blessed with! Today is a good day to think about those things, not because it is a special day, but because we have woke up this morning alive!



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