Go with the Flow


Every day we wake up, we brush our teeth, we dress up and we go to work. There are different things happen each day, but moat of the time we go with the flow. After my 25th birthday I started to notice that time is passing by so fast that I couldn’t imagine before. There are some rules I follow from then on, so I can turn around one day and not feel like I have missed something. I am still in process of following them strict, but I feel better even if I succeeded in completing one of them in a week time.

Here are some of my “don’t let yourself just go with flow rules” – do something  new each day, make something you usually do in a different way, go on place you haven’t been, choose to do stuff you feel scared of, start new project, business or blog, stay in quite for 10 min a day, try new sport, grow exotic plant, do charity for animals or people, read a old classic book once more. All of those are keeping my spirit on level “explore”  and you may try to find yours, there are so many things to do, but sometimes we have to stop and take care for our emotional health so we can live another 25 years and another 25 years and so on…


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