To do list…

Should I or could I? What is the right question? Should I stop and take a step forward to goals that I actually do not have? This is something I call hard time. It seems strange but my mind is busy with questions like this. Is it so bad today to have a life goal as a “happy family”? Aren’t we making our lives empty and pointless in spiritual way in a way of feeling if we have pointed a career as a number one in our to do in life list?

Many of my girl friends doesn’t relly understand me. Even my mother think that I am losing my professional growing in the name of love. This is making really sad sometimes, because what we should worry about is living without love! I am working at wonderful place and I will be glad to grow in my job, but not in any price and not necessary. When a person ask me how does my dream life looks like I always imagine myself smiling with the man I love and our kids around us laughing. Is it that bad that I don’t see an island or a luxury cars? We are living in a consumer society but from time to time it is good to stop and think about what really matters! Life passes like a blink…





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