To do list…

Should I or could I? What is the right question? Should I stop and take a step forward to my goals?… This is something I call hard time. It seems strange but my mind is busy with questions like this. Is it so bad nowdays to have a life goal as a “happy family”? Aren’t we making our lives empty and pointless in spiritual way in a way of feeling if we have pointed a career as a number one in our to do in life list? Shouldn’t we worry about living without love? This is what is bothering me, of course I have goals for my working field, but I know it is just a step to my dream life which if a person ask me how does my dream life looks like I imagine myself smiling with the man I love and he showing his love to me and our kids around us laughing and playing. Is it that bad that I don’t see an island or a luxury cars? We are living in a consumer society but from time to time it is good to stop and think about what really matters! Work should be a great place, where you are  prooving your business skills and you communicate and exchange ideas, where you grow and gather confidence for achiving the goals that matter the most.

Life passes like a blink…



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