Yes all the things we are doing, we do them because of motivation, whenever it is positive or negative. I want to share with you that my inspiration and motivation (as many others too) is not a constant ! Yeah ! But there is nothing bad in this and this is what I want to speak about here. There is nothing tragic in losing inspiration sometimes. It is not something that comes ones and stay forever and changes everything around, it is an every day effort (in good way). Things like taking a bath or washing your teeth are every day effort too and we know that and we are doing them every day because if we don’t the bad results appear pretty fast, but on other side is we don’t make an effort to motivate ourselves every day the bad results still appear bur after longer period of time, I think that this is the reason why it is easier for us to do the small every day things.

I am still trying to keep myself motivated as hard as I can, but as a human I also fail pretty often. The thing that is important is to keep doing it, keep walking, keep moving. A quote that fit great here is this one: “Loss does not exist until one admits to be defeated!”





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