Park Vrana

The beautiful picture you see is a place near Sofia, that used to be a castle by the time that Bulgaria had a king. Every time I visit this place I am amazed by its beauty. There are gardens and many types of trees, a lake, a beutiful big meadow and many more pretty details. Autumn and spring are best seasons to visit this place (for me) ,but you can always enjoy it when you decide to go there !

Park Varna includes a park of 950 decares, a farm of 1,000 decares and two buildings connected with a warm connection, forming the palace complex. The first was built in 1904 as a two-storey hunting lodge designed by the Austrian architect Wulf. The second building, the new palace, was built between 1909 and 1912. The purchase of the land for the park and the farm, as well as the construction of the two buildings, was financed by Tsar Ferdinand’s personal funds, along its annual Civile List Is the monarch’s salary as head of state, and by making a personal loan amounting to 3 million gold francs by the Russian Emperor Nicolas II in 1911-12. If you want to know more-at the link is the official website of Park Vrana.


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