My Top 10 places to see before … it’s too late

I bet you have read about many like this TOP’s to see or do before we die or we are 50, and even if we don’t do them all or we don’t visit all of those places, I think it is important that when people still read such an articles – this mean we still want to explore ! Yeah! If this is feeling is alive, it doesn’t matter how many top hotels around the world we will visit. To have the adventure spirit awake is more importnat!

Here are top 10 places to visit in Europe by Eva Roskin ! I won’t write much information for each one (because I don’t want you to get bored), whatever you like and feel interestes in, you can google it!

2. Rayskoto Praskalo – Bulgaria

3. Vlasinsko Lake – Serbia

4. Monastery complex “Meteora” -Greece

5. The seven lakes  in Rila Mountain – Bulgaria

6. Cathedral of St. Vasili the Blessed -Russia

7. Komo Lake – Italy

8. Rocamadur – France

9. Castle of Cotton ( Pamukkale) – Turkey

10. Laguardia -Spain



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