Cat person? Dog person?

This is Nicksy ! Meet Nicksy The Cat at her blogg here.

She is the best kitty in the world (as every person say this for it’s own cat). Before I started living with my boyfriend I was complete dog person, I always had a dog in my home I love them and I like their charcter. Cats from other side were unknown teritory for me, Ididn’t understand their emotions, their ego, they were strange for me… and than I met Nicksy. It was strange at the biginning I though she doesn’t like me becaouse I was used to get kisses, dog wagging its tail, wet eyes watching me when I eat(every time) and I needed a couple of mounths to understand how this animals are showing their love. I still love dogs, but now I am a Dog and a Cat person!

Actually no matter what kind of a pet you have at home, it is important to love it and to keep it part of the family becaouse this is what they are. I even found information how good great fot your health is to have a pet! Click here and see the 5 benefits of having a pet!



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