“Happiness is real only when it is shared!”

There are days I really feel grateful for the things I can do and I am able to do – that is possible to drink my coffee, to eat my breakfast and to clean up after with my own hands ! But there is also something big that I am grateful for in this moment and it is ability to share this, to write, to share it to you and possibility to you to share with me and there is one thing that always comes to my mind when I think about that – it is a thought from a movie I wached (based on book and book on real story “Into the Wild”) this thought is “happiness is real only when it’s shared ” so please think about it today and feel free to share your joy with someone !

There are times we would like to be alone and moat of the time they are bad moments. When we feel joy we always want to share it with someone-  so our natural behavior is telling us to share the good and this is what I will do today!



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