Coffee comes with sweets, “Happiness is real only when it is shared! “

20160629_142411.jpgYeah ,sometimes coffee comes with sweets, but when you are ready with your coffee, when you finish your things to do like coffee ,breakfast and clean after … what is the thing that is coming in your head ?I am curious cuz these days I really feel grateful for the things I can do and I am able to do and that is possible to drink my coffee , to eat my breakfast and to clean up after ! But there is also something big that I am grateful for and it is ability to share this , to write it in my blog to share it to you and possibility to you to share with me and there is one thing that always come to my mind when I think about that – it is a thought from a movie I wached (based on book and book on real story “Into the Wild”) this thought is “happiness is real only when it’s shared ” so please think about it today and share 🙂


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