Dare to be happy. To rise upon the social believes is a hard thing to do. There are many things in life that we want to achieve but if it is possible we want other people to understanding us and our goals. Well dear friends my practice has shown me that this is not something that usually happen. We are human beings but this doesn’t mean we understand each other. Our dreams are close – like having a home, family, real love, enough money to feel satisfied, and to be happy, but this doesn’t say that our ways to get to those are the same. I wasn’t best in many things. I failed many times. I didn’t get to the school I wanted from the first time, neither to the university from first time, I couldn’t even get a proper job for 2 years! But all of this got me to the place that I am now. I know that everything you truely want to do is taking you to the place where you truely belong.  Do not listen people’s advices for your way of life – you know it yourself!

There will be times in life when people may hate you, your family may not understand you, but if you follow something you truely believe in – they will see the end results and one day they will know. Follow your heart even if it is wrong sometimes,  it is hard , but it is also that simple!



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