Catch a FLY

Hi everyone ! What you see on the picture is a fry catched by my phone camera in a rainy day at friends house. First I wanted to photo the yellow roses because  they were so beautiful and bright and just couldn’t stop myself, but when I try to photo them this fly just arrived from nowhere and ruined my beutiful photo(this is what I tough first)… after I saw the picture I realized there is so much beuty in it – with the fly ! With the ugly broken leaves with all the imperfections that was there and became one of my favorite, so today i provoke you to photo something that you think it is ugly. Look deeper today !

Our imperfections are those who make us who are. And we should never judge for the things by the way that they look. My original photo is here in this post, let it be inspiration for looking under the surface today!



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