Bolata Beach

Hi ! On this picture (no photoshop) you are watching one of the best beaches in my country – Bulgaria. I am happy to live in place where I can spend time in mountains and choose from different beautiful beaches on Black Sea. As I am going to visit this place this summer I search for more information for it on internet and I though you may find it interesting too (and specially if you a looking for a place to spend the summer vacantion). 

Bolata is a place located on the north part of the Bulgarian Black Sea coast near the village of Bulgarevo. The area is a wetland of great importance for several rare plant and animal species. The sandy beach is of natural origin and is unique for the rocky shores of Kaliakra. A small river forms a narrow gorge and flows into a swamp overlooking a vast reed mass. The limestone rocks in the locality are red in color due to the iron oxides in the clay that fills their cracks. The baeach is part of the Kaliakra Complex (Protected area). In the caves of Bolata are found remains of an ancient settlement and evidence of life from 400 BC, as well as the Maltese Cross – a testimony of the trade of the Second Bulgarian Kingdom with Venice and Genoa. There are more stone circles, sacrificial stones, rock caves – dwellings.

The beach is also widely known as a diving spot. A steep path to the north climbs up to the top of the rock wall, from where a view of the entire ravine is revealed. Bolata bay became part of the Club “The most beautiful bays in the world”.

If you want to see more photos at the link.



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