Let it Go

There are some days in life, that even if you want to, there is no way to get rid of  surtain  things that are walking in your mind playing around and do not leave you alone for second… In those moments I find my way out in writing, no matter if it is here or in my notebook or my laptop… just letting it go and I feel more light after letting go some part of my “dark side”. Do not worry about things –  let them go!

I have a friend who adviced me to write the thing that worried  me and to fire it up as letting it burn so I it can be out of my mind, anyway the point is …there are many techniques of letting it go if it works for you it is helpful! Try drawing, try cooking, writing, dancing anything! Free yourself ! We all have bad days, sad days , mad days, but we are still here …so we are strong!  

To know how to let the bad things go away still is one of the things I am learning. I understand its value because to keep bad is to be bad to yourself. Keep good and be good! There is also a great book I found about writing it down and if you feel interested, you can chek it in amazon.


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