Internet became big part of each life on this planet .Today we shop online, share interests online, learn online, and all online stiff we can do. I have been told that life before internet was hard – to find things, to learn, to knew more about anything that exites you and choose wise with all the information, but today I see myself hours and hours in front of the computer (and there were days when I only red what I want to know and I left). I made an experiment with my self and I spend one day without any internet (on the phone or computer) and belive me now I am doing this every week! I am doing so much more work and I am sharing this with you so you could try your FREE of WIFI day once a week or at least once a month and you will see the difference!

Give yourself a green day or make ot a shopping day or any other thing you can have fun with or you can relax with. Do exercise,  go out I still experience new things and there are so many things we can do without internet. I might be blogging but I do share only what things that I believe in! 🌴




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