Internet became big part of each life on this planet .Today we shop online, share interests online, learn online, and all online stiff we can do. I have been told that life before internet was hard – to find things, to learn, to knew more about anything that exites you and to choose wise with all of the information you’ve got. I appriciate internet in my daily life, it is helpful and great human achievement.

I made an experiment with my self and I spend one day without any internet (on the phone or computer) and belive me now I am doing this every week! I am doing so much more work and I am sharing this with you so you could try your FREE of WIFI day once a week or at least once a month and you will see the difference!

Give yourself a green day or make it a shopping day or any other thing you can have fun with or you can relax with. Even if you work online, try it. Do exercise,  go out, experience new things and there are so many things we can do without internet. 🌴




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