The Big Summer Plan

If we all have something in common, which I believe its true, that means we all are trying to make our summer plans each year- a different summer experiences… Since I finally got my dream summer, I want to share with you what made it so great, so you can also have your best summer recipe.

If you think a bit more you will realize that you do not really need a fancy place, the best swim suit and the biggest summer hat, so you can have a happy, relaxing, summer vacantion. But as a human being we like to challenge ourselves so we can be better next time, next summer, next year! It not just about the place that everyone are tagging from, its because you can indulge it, it is not about the best swim suit, it is because you look even better that last year and you want to show it, and it is not because of the biggest summer hat, it is because you care less for everything but for this very moment…

We try to make ourselves better by conquering and achiving goals that we put to ourselves, and this is amazing, it helps us to move and by improving ourselves – we improve the world 🙂




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