Photography / Remedy

I would like to speak about photography today. I am not a photgrapher with HD camera with amazing zoom, but I understood something these days and it is that making photos can be some kind of remedy for your soul and spirit.

The idea that you are noticing something beutiful, ot ugly or strange and you want to capture it in a picture is generating a good feeling of satisfaction in myself. To notice something in such a hurried environment like our today is accomplishment!

As I start photographing (with my phone) all the beauty around I became more grateful about all the things in my life and the fact that I am alive! I do not know if this is going to happen to each of you, but I know it worth trying it! There are colors, smells and moves in nature that effect on our mood, mindstate and feel for joy, that we do not even know about, so today you may experince with some pictures, they don’t even need to be good, the only thing that is importantd is for you – to look for the beauty around!



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