Female World

Feminism has nothing to do in this story. Today I want to speak with you about something I though resently- we are living in Female World! This is no good ladies, I mean everything we do is connected not with the things we think it is or we believe it is, but with all the Female World and emulation. Just think for the second why a woman is dressing up well? – for the boys you may say, for herself,  but the truth is one well dressed girl is interested only by other girls seen her dressed so well! Why a girl like “girly stuff” – because she is a girl, pink is nice … or because every other girl is interested and she must have better “girly stuff” than her? Why a girl is making in her home a perfect interior like those in magazines (designed by other women) ? Because other girls have that and they look happy having that, so they are making this something like a rule for a happiness( but it is not). But there is something more bothing and it is that boys love living in this world and if they see something different of it – they panic, they have no idea what to do and most of the time them blame the girl. But today (in this century) there was born other kind of girls, girls who don’t care about sexy instagram photos, polished nails, great hairstyle, but even today boys still feel strange about them, I know that because I am one of those girls.



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