The Macaroon and The Story

Macaroons are ┬ásomething that you first eat with your eyes. As a woman fan of sugar (as I believe most of us are) I can tell you that macaroons are one of my favorite sweets ! ­čŹ░ But here in this story they are just an occasion. As I tasted them in their circle form and sugar taste I thought about something ( first I want to say that this is not going to be one of those girly or cooking bloggs, not because I don’t like them, but because this is not who I am) as every woman on Earth – I shoudn’t eat this!┬áI felt sorry all the night, I though about over and over and I reminded myself for those sexy selfies that I am watching on instagram! And after hours of suffering I decided – I will not do this any more! ( I don’t eating macaroons!) I will not feel sorry for the things that I want to do and I do, doesn’t matter if this is to eat a cake or be rude with the angry lady from the supermarket! There are tv shows and people famous or not that are theching us – this ain’t healthy, this is not good for you or else ( and I am not speaking only for the food!) but HEY! Let us decide this! I think that there is one “gold middle” in which each of us is finding the things that he/she love to do and the things that others believe they are right for us to do, eat, experince or else!

I am not saying eat chocolate as much as you wish, but as I am still searching for it ( not even there yet) I am feeling so much better! I know I can decide the best for myself from this moment with the macaroons if I read something or hear on tv I always check it first for more information because most the times there are specifics that people do not say, and many time not because they want to lay, but because they want to shine in front of others. For example- a famous person says “I do eat only clean food and I go to gym a lot -this is way I look like this !” – but the truth is he/she is taking drugs and he/she do not have any time to eat or go to any gym (just an example). So pleace do think about your “golden middle” today!



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