Thinking of space

dsc_1134 Sometimes  I love to look at some space articles or Nat Geo shows for a space, I even download an app of NASA that is showing me news,updates, and new photos from space.When I am watching those I feel very small like even my problems or the stupid stuff for new sofa ( that is actually a real promlem now with me) and it is really working for a few minutes. If you are having troublel in finding a thing to make feel away for a second , try with this – if it doesn’t help at least it won’t harm .

View that will make you smile

Do you know what is that I am thinking when I make a post or upload a picture? About the likes !? Yes! Isn’t it awful , I startted this blog only for sharing and now I am thinking of the “likes”, and here I want to thank everyone who are still reading my blog and in fact “to do list” was coming from my heart really , so I think this is way it took so many views. For a numerous time I am asuring myself that when you do something sincerely and with love it just works out every time! Plase bloggers show your love today and shre something proved with your followers ! :) 20160730_160113.jpg

To do list…

Should I or could I? What is the right question? Should I stop and take a step forward to goals that I actually do not have?This is something I call- easy -busy breakfast.It seems easy but my mind is busy with questions like this.Is it so bad or strange today to have a life goal as a “happy family”? Aren’t we making our lifes empty and pointless if with technical, spiritual and mind progress we have pointed a career as e number one in our to do in life list?


Inspiration all around

Yes all the things we are doing ,we are doing them because of motivation whenever it is possitive ot negative and and I want to share with you that my inspiration and motivation (as many people’s too) it is not a constant ! Yes ! But there is nothing bad in this ,this is not something that comes ones for all and changes everything around, it is every day thing like taking a bath or washing your teeth and as you can figure it out it not bad thing and it does not take a a world of efforts to do it and keep doing it . Something we all forget something we all fall in to the randon things of the day but sooner or later it always brings us back and we are starting looking for it again!

Park Vrana

The beautiful picture that you see here is a place near Sofia , that used to be a 🏰 by the time that Bulgaria had a king. Every time I visit this place I am amazed of it’s beauty. There are gardens and many types of trees. Autumn and spring are best seasons to visit this place ( for me at least) but you can always enjoy when you decide to 🚶 there !🙂

Reading Time

Hi to all of you ! I am sharing today with you top 3 books who had change the way I think or have helped me a lot in my life experience ! Reading time is one og my favourite times of the day (or night) and I like reading new novels or different books from those that I already know I like so I can meet myself with a lot of different styles of writing:) and I provoke you to share your tp 3 books in the comments !

MY top 3 are:



Reading time

Proud without prejudice !

Hey to all of you !  There is one thing I am in hurry to share with you  and as you see it on the picture this is my first successful try to grow a flower🙂 I am very proud her name is Begonia (the real one ) and she is so pretty make everything look more perfect than it is , and I agree with R.W. Emerson that :“The earth laughs in flowers.”🙂

PS: If you what to know how to grow a cat , the answer is right here:tumblr_oblrz4ukEQ1tdo1i1o1_540

Have you ever seen a swan that close to you?

DSC00691I made this picture in Pancharevo ,which is near Sofia, Bulgaria . We spend that day on a Boat in the lake and walked around all the area, saw fishermans and eat a great things , but for first time I saw that close free ,beautiful but alone swan . I know that the swans are monogamous and the I saw this guy alone I felt good that he is so beutiful but I realized he is gonna be alone for all his life .

#Hot or not

🙂 Hi to all of you again ! As you see I was so bussy …relaxing…that I had no time to write down here so far🙂 The trip was a present from my boyfriend for my birthday (one of the presents) and we spend nice and peaceful weekend at the SPA castle in Ognianovo,Bulgaria . So I got to admit it I loved it it was so hot ( literally) but it was joyfu and relaxing too🙂 so for destination around you can always ask me or if I missed soemthing you can post it in comments🙂20160730_141128.jpg