How to find the best cosmetic dentist?


How to find the best cosmetic dentist?


Your smile is one of the most important and powerful features, so you need to take good care of it. It’s scientifically proven that smiling can boost your immune system, improve your mood, increase your lifespan and make you and the people around you feel better in general. Smiling is also contagious and helps attract good people and energy in your life. That’s why we need the best cosmetic dentist who can give us the confidence to smile more and be happier.


Cosmetic dentistry generally deals with dental aesthetics. This includes whitening, porcelain veneers, dental bridges, gum depigmentation, straightening of the teeth (orthodontics) and more.


Whether you specifically want to get one of these procedures done or you need a consultation and a professional opinion, you need to make a thorough research in order to find a good cosmetic dentist that will meet your needs.



  • How to Find a Cosmetic Dentist


If you don’t know from where to start your research for a cosmetic dentist, you’ll be happy to know that there’s a search tool developed by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD). On this site, you can not only check for cosmetic dentists in the United States and Canada, but you can also see their credentials which are based on their achievements and experience throughout their careers. You can search for any cosmetic dentists in your area or by the name of the one you already know or have heard of.

The AACD was founded in 1984 and since then has developed a lot. It has established a standard for dental aesthetics and cosmetic dentistry and even offers several levels of membership so that cosmetic dentists can keep growing and improving.


How to Choose Your Cosmetic Dentist

Once you have done your homework and checked the available cosmetic dentists near you, you need to select the best one. There are certain criteria you should follow and that depends mostly on you and your needs. Some patients make their choice based on the cost because their budget is limited. Others – based on the schedule and location which are the most convenient for them. If you choose the cheapest cosmetic dentist, you should be extra careful because after all, you want the best results possible. Cosmetic dentistry is sure not easy and because of the dedication and skill it requires, it is understandable why it costs more than general dentistry. Besides that, the high-quality materials that can make your smile perfect are expensive. However, you can always discuss this with your dentist and find the best option for you based on your budget and preferences.


Check for Credentials

As we already mentioned, you can easily check for credentials in the search tool thanks to the AACD. Any dentist can call themselves a cosmetic dentist but may lack the experience or qualification needed. Remember that the best ones are credentialed by the AACD. That’s why this tool is so useful and should be the first step to the pursuit of your dream smile.


Find Out For How Long They Have Been Practicing

Always ask the dentist when they started practicing cosmetic dentistry. It is also important to know in which field they have mostly specialized – whether it be whitening, dental implant, orthodontics, etc. You want your cosmetic dentist to be as devoted as possible to the treatment you need.


Ask People For Feedback

Other people’s opinions are also crucial when it comes to your choice. Get as many personal referrals you can. You can read online reviews in different forums and websites where people give their honest opinion and share their experiences. That way you are more likely to trust a certain dentist.


Ask to See Photos of Their Work

Many dentists take before and after photos from different procedures. They can show you results of actual clients and give you more information about how long it took to achieve this and with what treatment. If you are still having trust issues and think the photos might be retouched, you can ask the dentist for the contacts of these patients so you can talk to them personally.

Lastly, make sure to schedule an appointment and meet the dentist in person before you decide anything. Sometimes you may think you need a procedure which is actually not suitable for you or your dentist may find other issues that should be resolved.

Besides the other criteria, keep in mind that you should feel comfortable with your dentist. After all, this is the person you will trust for a serious matter and it is important that you get good vibes from them. If you begin a treatment with good thoughts and complete trust with someone that makes you feel like you are in good hands, you will enjoy the process of getting that smile you always dreamed of.


Why to shop online for safety?

Is this is true?…

To shop online is safer than in person??? Yes, this is a fact,  because it’s easier for hackers to profit by stealing information linked to credit cards swiped in physical stores where you buy in person.

Cybercriminals already have access to malicious software specifically designed to steal credit card data from store payment systems. Credit cards stolen from online shoppers are less valuable to thieves because they don’t give them enough data to make counterfeit cards which is actually their goal. Hackers still need key information stored on a credit card’s magnetic strip, which can only be obtained by hacking payment systems located at the cash register. That’s largely why credit card data stolen from physical stores sells in the underground market for ten times more than online card data.
Thieves who steal credit cards from online shoppers also face other obstacles. They can only use those credit cards to make online purchases, and to prevent fraud, some retailers won’t let you ship expensive online purchases to addresses other than those linked to your credit card. In addition, hackers must ship online purchases to so-called “mules,” or people who pick up items bought with stolen credit cards and resell them. Mules need to be replaced frequently because they often get busted from cops this is way it is less dangerous to shop online than in person.

So after everything said I believe it is better to shop however it is convinient for us. Today’s websites criped their data with a lot of digital code bariers, so feel free to shop online all around the world.


The quickest way to know a woman is to go shopping with her. – Marcelene Cox


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How painting can make you feel FREE?

My great journey in art world with Nina…

There is a time in life when we need a little extra help, so we can find the strength in ourselves and keep walking. In such a timein my life, I met Nina, she is a painter, who I met in a exposition of glass sculptures. We discuss the marketing and the great idea that she was developing,and soon after we met she invited me to join her course, which I accept without any doubts.
I remember it as a very warm and shiny day, the last day of March. My coffee tasted better that day, my closet was making my “dress-up decisions” easier, my mood was on top level… When I got on the place where the event should be, I found that this is the building in Sofia where Lusy Dqkovska is living. It was amazing and I took it as a good sign. Climbing the stairs to the top floor, I enjoyed the vision of this incredible old building, Nina invited me to come in room where were seven people, so welcoming and peaceful. I won’t tell you for all the great things we did, but when I saw the clock I knew I am going to leave this atelier changed.


On this picture you see one of the best paintings of Nina, and the same painting made into a card. This woman, showed me how you can help to other person and make other person happier in five hours.

If you want to live such an amazing adventure you can visit this website, and ask for a consultation. Open you mind and soul for the good things around you, and the good thing will start to appear more often…

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To have a Brand or to be a Brand?

The brand and is something that can be seen from the point of the brand as an employe, or as you making your own one. If you create a brand, as am trying to, you need to think about creating identity, brand vision, and values ​​that underlie its perception of people. People are not driven by their needs that often, as they are driven by their emotions …. The creation of corporate values ​​can be seen as the soil in which you have to sow the seeds of your mission!

Why do you want to create a brand? What is your goal?
The questions that a brandmaker finds on the way by making the Brand, makes you look deeper and if you have any trouble finding inspiration, you can try learn from the experience of other professionals who have already gone through this way.

Today we have free access to CVs, video tutorials, and events that could provide an opportunities for us to meet with successful leaders in different fields and exchange an experience with them. What are you doing? How do you do it? Why are you doing this?

I watched this tutorial with Simon Sinek and it was very helpful for me. It can be said that way:  Brand starts where you answer those questions, the most difficult of which is “Why,” . Answering this question will bring you more, and more new ones, and happiness and success can be found in searching for those answers!


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Hunting an Ideas- top 5 original presents

I know when it comes to a birthday present, or just a special surprise, we start looking on internet writing “the best for..” , “top ten” , “unusual present”, searching for an original ideas which can point us in the right direction. I have done those searching a lot of times, so I know there is a need of some new ideas, and here it come my top five original present ideas for ocasion for any gender.

  1. Painting- I belive art is universal present, because we all speak it’s language, no matter if you are boy, girl, old, young… art can touch, and you if choose the one which is going to effect to the soul of its future owner – you got the best present. Here a some great websites for paintings –artfinder ; art ; saatchiart .abstract-art-art-gallery-297394.jpg
  2. Handmade or ancient look present – depend on what is the person passioned about, like if he/she likes handmade stuff, there are a lot of suggestions down at the links, and if he/she likes history, ancient cultures you can bring an amazing reproductions as a present. wecreate ; livemaster ; etsy .ccc.png
  3. Sculpture– no matter if you are making a surprice to man or a woman, sculpures are great, ellegant and sofisticated gifts for any taste. jgglassart ; artistartas ; arteydeco .



  1. Travel adventure or extreme experience– You can find a great price tickes for some destination, or just for some event that you know this person would love to go to, and if his/her character would be pleased, you can even buy a boat travel, baloon fly, mountain climbing or something like that. xperiencedays ; extremeiceland or travel


  1. Book Collection– There is always one more great book to read, and if you know the favourite autor or janr you may even find a great collections. bookdepository ; amazon ; betterworldbooks



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Workshop? How it works?


These days from anywhere and on any topic I hear “there is a workshop about this… that..” and I saw it just became a modern way of experience exchange. It made me pretty sceptic to see how some people could learn other people with more followers that them, to do something.

I decided to give it a try…  and I chose something different. Something with a cause. The people who were leading the event were awesome. Nadejda ( in English you can translate her name as Hope) and her husband showed me what is the true meaning of those Workshops, at least they helped me to figure it our for myself… to meet new people, who are on your vibration. Which is something very important.

Later that day I went out with frinds and I accidentally saw an old friend, we talked about what we do now, work, fun, and she said something that I knew before, but I wasn’t thinking of – living in your own bubble.. not in a way like closing yourself, but surrounding yourself with people who are as possitive as you are (or more), as confident as you are (or more) and as motivated as you are (or more). For me this an inspiration and a key to a self improvement.


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“How Mobile App Development Companies Drive Industries in Singapore Forward.”

It goes without saying that businesses need struggle harsh to ensure they’re ahead of the curve and their rivals. To “go hard or go home” principle functions with full force, especially in the fiercely competitive corporate world.


And, you’d think that as technologies advance, companies would be facilitated and the burden of effort would be alleviated? That’d be a wrong assumption, though. With new technologies come fresh opportunities and that’s making the race to the top even more cutthroat.

That’s not a bad thing, though. This competition is what’s driving the force of progress and innovation. We live in the era of the digital revolution where technology has already become an inseparable part of our lives.

With this rapid growth, there’s one niche which managed to stand on top of the others. Mobile app development has become the trendiest, most sought after field which seems to be leading the march of progress.

report published by comScore shows that the users of mobile devices have surpassed desktop users back in 2014. Gartner narrated a prediction that 2017 will see an income of $77 billion generated through the download of 268 billion mobile apps. Back in 2014, the global revenue generated by mobile apps was $35 billion. Fast forward three years later and we’ve more than doubled this number, hitting $77 billion as stated above.

That’s not all. There are comprehensive researches done one the time we spend on our mobile apps. This is where this piece falls into place. As you can see, people are starting to spend more and more time browsing through different mobile apps on their phones, catalyzing the necessity for a reaction on behalf of the respective industries. Here are 6 of those that have been significantly impacted by the influx of mobile apps.


Mobile app development companies, through their interactive and comprehensive creations have left a definitive imprint on the education in Singapore. They’ve disrupted the field, making education easily accessible and affordable in real time.

One such application is Ask.ManyTutors. This is a straightforward concept where users can take a picture of a math or science problems that they can’t solve and get them uploaded on the app to get an answer from a tuition agency’s overall pool of more than 45,000 tutors and other users.

Another such application is called Snapask which has similar capabilities but the overall medium of field is broader. The former app is free while the latter is paid for through different affordable packages.

We can already see colleges, primary and higher secondary schools, universities and even personal, private coaching classes are using mobile apps to seriously improve the standards as well as the quality of education.

Games and Entertainment

survey conducted by Statista shows that gaming applications belong in the top ranks of the charts with more than $17 billion in revenue globally. What’s more impressive, however, is the expected growth for 2018 where revenue streams are expected to almost triple, reaching $44.2 billion by the end of the year.

There are quite a lot of different mobile gaming apps available on the App Store or the Google Play Store and people can choose from a pool of categories, genres, style and whatnot.

We are also witnessing a phenomenon where online gaming is already being recognized as a sport and gamers are treated as professional athletes. Gaming events throughout the entire world are watched by hundreds of millions of people and the expectation is that this number will continue to rise.

Travel & Tourism

The mobile app development industry has wholeheartedly revolutionized the way we travel. Long gone are the days when you’d carry an old, paper map with you, trying to navigate in a foreign country. With mobile apps taking over, we have everything that we need at the edge of our fingertips. This has made traveling a whole lot easier.

We’ve seen numerous apps hit the market in Singapore alone. is a mobile app that takes away the most substantial fear of any traveler — the fear of getting lost. Plan It SG is another app which takes a different approach. Swag Soft, the mobile app development company behind it takes the tourist through local places in attempt to help him experience the city as it is supposed to be, not so much to lead him through the mass, commercial tourist hotspots.

Everything has been made simpler in the travel industry thanks to mobile apps — from finding a room fitting your budget to purchasing your flight tickets.


The tendency in healthcare is towards establishing stronger, more personalized doctor-patient relationships and giving back the control of the patient.

Thanks to the advancement of recent mobile technologies, apps have emerged which allow the patient to have a full doctor consultation through the phone. This is time- and cost-efficient, it is far less burdensome and it delivers a tremendous amount of comfort.

MyDoc is one of the apps representing the capabilities of conducting a remote doctor consultation and receiving actionable, personalized advice without the burden of physical appointment. There are others alike such as Duktur, for instance, which reveals similar overall capabilities.

What is more, there are applications which would allow you to curate a doctor and a medical facility based on individualized criteria.

It doesn’t really stop there, though. Pharmaceutical industries as branch of healthcare in general, take advantage of mobile apps to store, share and survey actionable information collected from research, clinical studies and trials.

Personal Finance

We live in a particularly dynamic environment and micromanaging your own account has become of paramount importance. Personal finance has quickly grown to become a substantial part of the financial industry and, as such, it has also been heavily disrupted by the mobile app development storm.

Chances are that you have an app that helps you manage your own funds. Expensify, for instance, is an app which takes advantage of a SmartScan capability which allows you to photograph all of your receipts, categorize, tag and conveniently add them to your own financial reports.

The fact of the matter is that Singaporeans love personal finance apps. Another example in the personal finance segment is Wally. This is a similar app which allows you to set budgets, financial goals and plans and track their development over a certain period of time.

It has become significantly easier to make sure that you stay well within your budget as taking care of personal finance is pretty much handled by your apps.

Transportation & Logistics

Even though they are practically rather different, both of those are so interconnected that it seemed uncanny to separate them. Logistics handles the overall distribution of the mileage and it attempts to identify the most efficient routes to fulfill certain requirements. Transportation, on the other hand… well, it’s quite self-explanatory.

Now, there are mobile apps working miracles in both industries. When it comes to logistics, one of the popular apps is called, interestingly enough — Logistics. It incorporates a fleet management system, workforce management, customer service, delivery tracking, current location of drivers and others of the kind.

When it comes to transportation, there are mobile apps which offer shuttle and driver services. Uber, for instance, is a shuttle service app which has taken the world by a storm. It provides people with an alternative source of income while, at the same time, delivering a better overall experience for the customer as well.

Wrapping it Up…

It’s obvious that mobile apps have an impact on virtually every industry. Despite the fact that we’ve shortlisted only 6, the same can be said about almost all of the remaining ones and there are evident examples in each.

Whether or not you agree with the categorization of the time that we live in as the one of the digital revolution, mobile apps are here and, by all means, they are here to stay.

With new technologies emerging by the minute, companies in different industries need to keep a keen eye on the opportunities unless they want the wave to pass them by, leaving nothing but leftovers.

an article writen by @oleksiy

The Art that changed me!

Hey everyone! I want to share with you something amazing that I found these days – JG GlassArt ! Glass art is actually a combine word for all of the individual works of glass in sculpture, jewelry and other pieces of art, which are wholly made of glass!

sculpture_feeling_fused_glass_45cm_ 20cm_h=45 cm

JG GlassArt ’s present handiworks made with the finest touch of an experienced professional woman – Jeny Guneva. To work with glass includes techniques like : blowing, kiln-casting, fusing, slumping and cold-working, but there is one specific technique which each experts should get to know and this is passion for perfect glass forms and this is what actually is making Jeny ‘s work so amazing – see it yourself ! I love her masterpieces and I am glad I met her in person. She is a great example for a woman who is not afraid to follow her heart and try everything that brings joy in her life and in the life of others!

Take a closer look to some of her incredible glass vessels!

More info:

Social Media:








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Good vibes that finish your interior

Home is place that does is not just existing outside, but it is living inside us. To have a home that we love is important for our emotional health.

Modern home owners nowdays are holding on interior magazines with popular design visions, but being modern doesn’t mean to forgot that thethings which are making our home atmosphere more comfortable and good looking and these things are the little details that we put, that are close to our personality and that are making our interior a home. The vibrance that our homes have for each of us is not easy to explain, but it brings good energy into our selves and this is helping us feel more relaxed even if we think of our home! Most of us know the best techniques in order to make our homes like on mazinge covers, and Instagram photos… internet is full of ideas how to make it scandinavian, bohemian, vintage or other, but there is something else – this is our home interior and each of us want it to be unique as we all are!

Yes ,we love to look at the interior magazines, but that kind of interior that finishes your home and it is making it complete- is the unrepeatable touch of every person that is living in this home!
There are just a 3 things that every home should be full of – laugh , love and good vibes !


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The fake activity 

I want to talk a little bit about activity and how active you actually are right now?

I am not asking for plans, ideas and projects, I am asking about now. These days I found it horrible to believe but there were people who, lets say, opened my eyes about my plans and my actions. My personality includes curiosity about things, ideas, sports, technologies but as I just found they kept into my “in future” box. With each day you get to know more about yourself… so I decide to change this box into a real action. It isn’t easy at all. And I know it will take time to actually do everything I kept for later (or at least the things I still want to), but this is the way… I am not willing to do it… I already started it !

I want you to ask yourself today want you want to act on, and do it no matter what… Today…


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